What We Do

Business Strategy

MagniStrat is here to listen. Tell us about your key business problems and we will work with you to clarify, organise and prioritise solutions to these problems.  We can conduct a strategy session that will review and refine your current business vision, goals, and culture. We identify opportunities for growth, efficiency, business development, and strategic alignment based on what you know works for your business. 

With your business strategy understood, we work with you to develop practical strategies and tactics that deliver real outcomes to your business.  This will focus on your people, process, technology, and profitability. 

Project Advisory

MagniStrat understands your need to deliver projects on time and within budget. As a professional project management consultancy, we strive to work in close collaboration with our clients to provide a suite of services for the management and control of projects within large complex environments.

Whether it is Capability Improvement, Gateway Reviews, or Project Recovery MagniStrat will work with you to develop new process standards or strengthen existing practices. We will work within the context of your business to provide solutions that make sense for your business, people and clients.

Digital Enablement

Whether it is digitising a manual process or deploying the latest conversational bots to interact with your customers, MagniStrat is here to help you by designing digital enablement strategies that work for your business.

MagniStrat helps you navigate the increasingly complex world of digital enablement by helping you partner with the right experts in each field. We speak their language and yours. We can translate your business outcomes into practical strategies to do any kind of digital enablement from migrating to cloud computing, to deploying Deep Tech such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Business Optimisation

MagniStrat helps your organisation grow by increasing productivity and efficiency. We couple this with introducing a mindset of continuous improvement to your organisational culture. MagniStrat understands that, no matter which industry you are in, each year brings new competitive challenges that mean you must do more with less. We use proven principles to help you drive your business toward lean, streamlined processes. MagniStrat’s approach is to leave you with people, process, and technology that perform at a higher and more sustainable level.

Lunchbox Lessons

No time for off-site training? our Lunchbox Lessons are ideal for busy teams who want to focus on a particular topic. Geared to be informal sessions that increase engagement and motivate your people to learn, the lessons are packed with the goodies your team needs. Sessions can be structured to accommodate learning needs and available time; including delivery by recordable webinar for remote team members.

Buy your team more time in their day while helping them to learn and connect to each other.

We Are Ready to Listen

Transformational Change is Possible

Making strategic decisions can be challenging in today’s business environment as it changes faster than ever before. Is your business keeping up?

We work with forward-thinking organisations to give them insight into their business directions. MagniStrat is here to help you identify the opportunities for your business to grow and succeed. We strive to empower our clients to make informed decisions that lead to optimised people, processes, technology, and profit.

Where we Work


Our years of experience with all tiers of government have brought a deep understanding of the challenges modern government faces in providing reliable services. All tiers of government face demands from the community to provide a broadening array of services. By working regularly with all tiers of government, MagniStrat is provides strategic insights that bring sense to the improvement of capability, culture, and service delivery.


Not for Profit

We are passionate about helping Not for Profit organisations to realise their goals using methods that are proven to work in the sector.
Our consultants combine years of government and business experience with personal knowledge of the challenges of the sector to deliver strategies that jumpstart initiatives ranging from new sources of funding to major grant programs.


Health and Community

Digital transformation stands at the forefront of many initiatives in the Health and Community sector. We enable agencies to find the solutions they need to deliver effective care in a variety of settings. Our consultants partner with you to deliver transformative change to people, process, and digital technology that leaves an agency more capable of facing future challenges.



The Financial Services industry is constantly adapting to new challenges in an environment characterised by comprehensive legislation, shifting market perceptions, and strong security. MagniStrat provides a range of services to the sector that focus on emerging threats and opportunities. We are here to help you adapt to disruptive changes and thrive with a clear path to success


We partner with clients to advise on end to end supply chain management. MagniStrat brings statistical Process control to elevate the accuracy of scheduling, track and trace, and operator rostering, while also optimising efficiency and sustainability. Our experience spans remote area logistics and international supply chains. We work with you to analyse your warehouse and transportation challenges to design solutions that minimise waste and optimise throughput.