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Your free initial consultation where we work with you to define the outcomes you are looking for.


Expanding Your Business

MagniStrat is defined by our clients’ success. Every client engagement is built around delivery tailored to the individual business’ requirements.


Optimising Your Outcomes

We use our extensive experience  to develop practical strategies and tactics that deliver real outcomes to your business. The focus is strongly on your people, process, technology, and profitability.

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We develop unique and innovative solutions tailored for every client

MagniStrat is defined by our clients’ success. We seek to offer positive, personal service coupled with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we deliver. Every client engagement is built around delivery tailored to the individual business’ requirements.

MagniStrat are experts in delivering within complex environments. We have delivered projects within heavily regulated environments for public and private sector, and not-for-profit organisations. We specialise in working with our clients to achieve on-time and on-budget solutions in complex regulatory environments.

MagniStrat brings extensive real-world experience to your projects. We endeavour to provide practical advice that delivers increases in productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Why Us?

Making Business SIMPLE

We are realists, believing in actively listening and openly communicating with our clients so they always know where they stand. We provide solutions and advice that are genuinely the best for our client’s business to achieve meaningful results.

24 Years of

Reliable experience at all levels of management ranging from Operations through to Strategic Implementation in industries as diverse as Agriculture, Government, Logistics, and Renewables.


MagniStrat’s consultants are chosen not only for their deep industry knowledge, but also for the way they build deep, high value relationships and rapport at an executive level.


Deep understanding of the connection between today’s vast collection of data and how these can be used to drive strategic decision making that aligns with your goals

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PMO Optimisation in Four Simple Steps

Is it time for you to consider PMO Optimisation? Does your leadership ignore your project portfolio updates? Do your project managers report green even though the project is late or over budget? Or even worse, can you name a hero who steps in to save projects at the last minute?

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Improve your PMO Metrics

In an ideal world, a functional PMO is a joy to run. Projects get delivered on time and within budget; Executives have an accurate view of their project initiatives; and the PMO Manager operates with their finger on the everyday pulse of delivery. If you are fortunate enough to be

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ready to take your business to the next level?

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Ready to take your business to the next level?

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