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  • Improve Project Management Capability

    Improve Project Management Capability A regular challenge in any active PMO is integrating new project managers into your way of doing things. This is challenging when you are called upon to improve project management capability because you have had to take on one or more inexperienced project managers. There are many reasons why this may […]

  • PMO Optimisation in Four Simple Steps

    PMO Optimisation in Four Simple Steps Is it time for you to consider PMO Optimisation? Does your leadership ignore your project portfolio updates?  Do your project managers  report green even though the project is late or over budget? Or even worse, can you name a hero who steps in to save projects at the last minute? […]

  • Improve Your PMO Metrics

    Improve your PMO Metrics In an ideal world, a functional PMO is a joy to run. Projects get delivered on time and within budget; Executives have an accurate view of their project initiatives; and the PMO Manager operates with their finger on the everyday pulse of delivery. If you are fortunate enough to be one […]