Product Development

.MagniStrat brings solid commercial acumen to your journey toward product commercialisation. Taking any new product from that lightbulb idea moment to full market viability is a long and often difficult process. Your success depends on your business capabilities, competitive environment and access to finance. We are here to help you make your great idea product or a terrific invention into commercial reality.

MagniStrat brings proven agile project methodologies that turn Proof of Concept trials into the kind of result you can show to your financiers. We will work with your team to move through the trial and error of early prototypes to achieve the levels of quality and performance that you need to proceed. We can also assist with preparing Grant and Tender Applications that raise the seed capital required to move beyond this stage.

MagniStrat can help you take a product to market

Before you go to market, take the guesswork out of your target market, pricing model, and market entry strategy with our Commercialisation Workshops designed to help you:

  • Clarify your business model and value proposition with a proactive business plan to introduce innovations to the marketplace.
  • Understand your customers problems and how your product will solve them
  • Choose your target markets and identify the influencers working within them
  • Identify strategic partnerships that can get your product to market
  • Evaluate the Cost-Benefit of possible pathways to market.

Excited about your new product? Let MagniStrat help you bring it to life