Process Optimisation

MagniStrat understands that, no matter which industry you are in, each year brings new competitive challenges that mean you must do more with less. We help your organisation grow by increasing productivity and efficiency. MagniStrat couples this with introducing a mindset of continuous improvement to your organisational culture.  We use proven process optimisation principles to help you drive your business toward lean, streamlined process. MagniStrat’s approach is to leave you with people, process, and technology that perform at a higher and more sustainable level.

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We do this by:

Reviewing your business processes to identify improvement areas

Our years of experience mean we can help you target common problem areas to produce rapid results. We start with an informal discussion with your leadership to identify key process pain points.

Reviewing your business processes to identify improvement areas

Our years of experience mean we can help you target problem areas to produce rapid results. Common issues like doing work that no longer adds value, or keeping stores too far from workspaces can all add to inefficient processes. Don’t take our word for it, learn how big companies like Bayer have delivered great value on everything from energy consumption to reducing inventory using these techniques.

Measuring the success and failure of current process

MagniStrat can use your existing  records or establish measurement systems to pinpoint exactly what is happening with your processes and what can be done to optimise them.

Listening to the experience of your employees directly involved in the business

Nobody knows your business like the people who work on the front line. MagniStrat takes the time to listen to their experience to ensure that the specific problems of your business are understood.

Identifying the right improvement projects to provide immediate change

We help you choose the projects that will deliver the biggest process optimisation benefits. Magnistrat are also experts in Project Delivery and can deliver results on time and on within budget

Developing long-term processes that sustain the improvement

Improving your process is only the start of the start of the possible gains your company could make. MagniStrat can assist in developing a staff culture that thrives on constantly improving itself.

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